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12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank

12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Supports QC3.0 fast charging.
Stable voltage, current, balance charge function.
Class A cell, safe and explosion protective.
Upgrade 4 cell and start strongly.
1000A Peak current.
20000mAh Large Capacity.
Diesel 5.0L, gasoline 6.0L car can be used.
Reverse connection protection.
4 USB charging.
Full power can be started 30 times.
Support 18W phone fast charge.
Limit temperature -40 ~  80°C.
Intelligent Protection System.
The charging head of the product is European Plug.

Night emergency, Rescue lighting:

1. Built-in glare lighting system.
2. Double click to enter,red and blue flashes,double click again to exit.
3.Long press the middle button for 3 seconds.
Press again in burst mode.
4. After turning on the flashlight,press the switch again to become a flash,the switch is the distress mode.

Matters needing attention (buyers must see)
1. Make sure to use this product when the battery is fully charged.
2. When the car is started, the  plug of the battery clip must be firmly inserted in place, otherwise the starting effect will be affected.
As a result, it may even cause the melting of the joint plastic.
3. If the car cannot start, please check whether the battery clamp is intact and whether the battery connector is rusty
Or it is dirty, continue to start after cleaning (if you fail to start after 3 attempts, do not start by force, otherwise it will cause damage to the product, you should further check the vehicle for other faults.)
4. Do not clamp the battery clamps at both ends, otherwise it may cause a safety accident.
5. Please remove the host within 30 seconds of starting the car, otherwise it may cause a safety accident.
6. Do not disassemble the machine by yourself, otherwise it may cause a safety accident

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