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EGR Block-Off 2JZ-GTE

EGR Block-Off 2JZ-GTE

20-0390 EGR Block-Off, 2JZ-GTE

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system transfers hot exhaust gasses back through the intake manifold in order to lower nitrogen oxide emission levels. However, the EGR inevitably increases intake temperatures and dilutes the necessary oxygen to produce horsepower.

This kit seals all related ports when the factory EGR system is removed from the engine. This includes ports in the intake manifold, cylinder head, and vacuum ports. Furthermore, it cleans up the engine bay by decreasing clutter and disarray.

-CNC 6061 Aluminum Plates
-Type-II Anodized Black
-High Temp Silicone O-Rings
-High Temp Vacuum Plugs
-Stainless Steel Bolts

1. Only compatible with Toyota 2JZ-GTE engines that came standard with the EGR system.
2. Eliminates the need for factory Toyota EGR gasket replacements. 
3. This product is to be used on offroad vehicles only.
4. This kit does not meet emission standards and is not to be used on public roads.

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